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Prof. Abdul Aziz Ahmad al-Kabab


With over 30 years of architecture experience, Professor Abdul Aziz Ahmad al-Kabab has been involved in numerous endeavors that included designing and overseeing projects, city plans, and real estate development. He handled the undertaking and supervision of a wide range of real estate projects across the MENA region, from Yemen and Saudi Arabia to Djibouti and Algeria. Professor Abdul Aziz possesses a wealth of experience in managing projects and firms. He chairs multiple contracting and real estate development firms that undertook projects in numerous countries. He is credited with designing numerous major projects ranging from hospitals and universities to residential projects, corporations, and malls, as well as supervising and planning a number of city planning projects.

Academic qualifications
- Master’s & Doctorate in City Planning, University of Liverpool (UK), 1987-1991
- Bachelor’s in Architecture, King Saud University, 1983 (KSA)

- Winner of the Engineering & Technology Award hosted by the Al-Saeed Foundation for Science and Culture, 2013
- Regular professor teaching various courses related to architecture and city planning.
- Have supervised numerous Masters and Doctorate theses in the fields of architecture and city planning.

Professor Abdul Aziz has also authored a number of books on architecture and city planning tackling topics ranging from the planning and style of Yemeni cities and addressing their deficits to Islamic architecture, which have been published by multiple publishers.


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