Creative Team of Architects  & Interior Designers Based in Istanbul.

FJ. mimarlık

F. J. mimarlık

Our Architecture Firm was founded in 2018 in Istanbul with more than 7 years of an experienced team of architects. It was born out of a passion to transform people’s lives by designing incredible spaces for them to live and work in. In addition to projects for homes and work-spaces, we are also passionate about creating public spaces in important spots across the world. We design with you in mind. Contact us to see what we can do for you.



Our start up focused on Fleshing out concepts, starting from a one sentence idea until reaching out a well-developed concept that identifies the databases we are using.


We go to do all needed search  devoted to the topic that my idea is all about focusing on my client interests and concerns.


We began with laying out the software design, all information on development, market size, early drafts and potential requirements. embracing all aspects related.


when the ideas are in hand, I take the methods that are most suitable to my ideas, output the written work, drawings and all of the creative materials.


We know what you want and this is what we will be working on to come across.


Our Services

Contracting services & commitments

Providing the best solutions for real estate development and adding valuable solutions for built estates.

Architectrual Studies

We have the most talented  smart  team  of architects & engineers  to  share 

well-studied planning 

for your projects.

Engineering Services

 Planning, & Design

Architectural and real estate consulting is at your hand whenever you need

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